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Amber Rozel

Amber Rozel is private instructor who teaches violin, viola, cello, piano and ukulele. A classically trained violinist and violist, she has played in a variety of regional orchestras and opera companies throughout the Rochester, NY and Pittsburgh, PA areas. In January 2013, on a break from classical music, she was looking for something fun to do and happened upon a newspaper article covering the Steel City Ukuleles.

Debi Velasco

I first saw Hawaiian dance (hula) in the late seventies. I loved the variety of dances that the girls did and how graceful they were. I never dreamed I would be dancing with them but one time I saw them dancing while sitting on the floor and that was it! If you can sit and dance, I want to try it!

Mike Holzer

Mike Holzer is a serial hobbyist who came down with a terrible case of UAS. Mike has been playing since 2012 and is both the Festival Director of the Allegheny Ukulele Soiree and the "chief uke evangelist" of the Allegheny Ukulele Kollective. Mike has taught basic ukulele skills to hundreds of people over the years and is always willing to share the "secrets" of running a uke club!